The best Dog walks are here

We are passionate dog lovers who strive to offer the most reliable, fun and safe dog walking & dog daycare service in London leaving a positive, lasting impact on your dogs' lives.


We make sure to offer the best possible dog walking care to both
yourself and your four legged friend.


Safety & Comfort

We are properly insured for dog walking. Our vans are fully conditioned and equipped for your dog to have a comfortable ride to the park.


with your Dog walker

Receive daily communications from your walker with fresh updates, pictures and videos of your doggy's walks!


Dog Training Reinforcement

We speak Dog! Each dog walker takes pride in contributing to your furry friend's development and ensure the introduction to the pack as smooth as possible.


Consistent Dog Walker and Group

Your dog will be assigned to a permanent dog walker in order to ensure consistent and stress-free environment.


Small Dog
Walking Groups

We walk a maximum of 4 dogs at a time to maximize the attention each dog receives and deserves on our walks and daycare services.

About Us

Once upon a time, two best buddies & long-time dog lovers have decided to create the best doggy daycare and dog walking company in London. Pedro & Francisco grew up with dogs and had been working in the industry for years. They named the company Dog Shepherds, and they are super proud of what they do. "We don't just take dogs for a walk – we take the time to understand each dog and become friends with them, and make sure to put dogs together in groups that match their personalities, so they can make long-lasting friendships."

And not only with doggies, but also with their owners! We take pride in making sure every owner can count on us at all times and offer maximum transparency in every aspect. Now a few years later, we're now a trusted team that offers reliable dog walking services all over London. The areas we cover include Hampstead, Queen's Park, Golders Green, Primrose Hill, Regent's Park, Maida Vale, Finchley, and more. The team also benefits from five highly dedicated and enthusiastic dog lovers who work hard every day. They're all about giving dogs the best walks and doggy daycare in London, making sure your furry pals come back home happy and healthy.


Dog Shepherds would not be able to offer the greatest dog walking & dog daycare service without these guys!

As one of our founders, Francisco once decided to create this company because of his longtime passion of dog walking and nature. While he was growing up, he always had 2 or 3 dogs to take care of. He started to walk dogs for friends and family in his freetime from high school, worked for several years as a professional walker until the day he decided to start Dog Shepherds. Francisco’s philosophy is to understand each dog’s personality, bond with them and make sure they walk with the right pack.

In Pedro’s own words: “When love and chance come together, something special can happen. I am a dog walker and love it. It gives me lots of joy to be able to spend full days with our furry friends and proud to help them have a fantastic day – and I am grateful they do the same to me.”

Daria’s journey in dog walking started with assisting Francisco while at his dog walking duty. She enjoys dog photography and has been going extra mile to ensure our dog’s adventures were properly documented! Daria is responsible for our social media channels, as well as giving a hand to our full-time walkers when she can. She names Frankie (pictured) as one of her special ones in the pack, as he was the first one to form a strong bond with her in the beginning of his confidence journey as a rescue puppy.  

Filipe has unconditional love for all animals and dogs. He started working as a dog walker 12 years ago where he was able to combine work with his passion for dogs and love for outdoors – making him one of our most experienced dog walkers.